I am available to give talks, workshops and conference addresses to women, couples, and families. My favorite topics are the saints, Mary, life in biblical times, raising Catholic kids, feminine spirituality, and forgiveness.

Below is a list of my most requested talks. I am happy to discuss other topics that might be of special relevance or significance for you.

Summer Saints

An enlightening and often light-hearted look at some of the best-known and not-so-well-known saints of the Catholic church, with an emphasis on both their holiness and their down-to-earth qualities. This talk can be adapted for confirmation groups, families, men or women and can feature your parish saint or other saints of your choice.

Mary: First Century Wife and Mother

What was Mary’s life really like? What do we know about her? What do other faiths like Islam tell us about Mary? Based on my popular book, 365 Mary, this talk presents Mary as a real woman whose life we can both emulate and admire.

Women in the Bible You Never Knew

Did you know that Joseph in the Old Testament had a wife who is named in Scripture? What about Abraham’s second wife? And who was Lydia? This talk reveals the stories behind some of the 188 women named in the Bible, and points out their relevance for us today.

The Prayer God Always Answers

Is there a prayer God always answers? Yes. Based on St. Francis Liguori’s five step prayer, this talk reveals the gifts God waits to give us, if we only ask.


Losing a loved one is one of the most difficult experiences of human existence. Our culture expects us to be “all better” in a very short time, often by the day after the funeral. But griefwalking is a process that takes time. Stages of grief, including a new addition of anxiety, are explored and ways to cope and care for yourself or someone you love who is grieving are presented. If desired, this talk can also discuss how saints dealt with their own deep grief.

Making Sense Out of Suffering

We all encounter suffering in our lives. Even the saints aren’t immune. It’s what we do with the suffering that makes the difference. Based on the best-selling Facing Adversity With Grace, this talk offers concrete ideas for using the suffering in our lives for spiritual growth by using the saints as inspiration.

Costs and Expenses

To schedule a talk or to discuss seminar options and prices, please email me at: woodeene@gmail.com

  • Travel – Air travel (including luggage costs) and/or other transportation is covered by the sponsoring group. If the location is within driving distance of Eugene, mileage to be paid.
  • Accommodations – Accommodations to be covered by the parish or sponsoring group. Access to highspeed Wifi is necessary.
  • Book Table – Woodeene will supply and sign books, but need someone from the sponsoring group to staff the book table.