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I am an author and editor and have published nearly a dozen non-fiction books. I have edited a national magazine, written hundreds of magazine and newspaper articles and served as a fairy bookmother/midwife to dozens of authors and their books. People who have worked with me say that I am able to create “magic” by helping authors express their ideas better than they ever dreamed possible. My special areas of emphasis are spirituality, self-help and parenting issues, although I have worked on topics as far ranging as symbolic logic and astronomy.

I began editing in second grade when I helped a classmate polish an essay that won a city-wide competition. I began my own writing in seventh grade with a now-lost masterpiece called Jeremiah Jumpmouse, which predated self-publishing in that I not only wrote the text, but did the layout and design as well.

During the years I was raising my son, I served as the editor of Catholic Parent magazine, the first national magazine for Catholic families. When the magazine ceased publication, I began my free-lance career, both as an author/speaker and as an editor.

After a four year period in which I concentrated on caregiving for my mother, I am once again working full-time both assisting other authors as an editor and working on my own material.

An armchair archaeologist, I am fascinated with excavations in the biblical lands and have visited Egypt, Jordan and Turkey. Next on my adventure list is a trip to Israel, with a side trip to France, perhaps. I’m a bit of a recluse at heart, a trait that serves the solitary life of a writer well. I love non-fiction books, especially about ancient Egypt. I have one grown son of whom I am extraordinarily proud and make my home in Eugene, Oregon.

I love to hear from my readers as well as help people make their own writing dreams come true, so drop me a note. I try to answer as quickly as possible.

Blessings on the Journey

Woodeene Koenig-Bricker